Sophie's Threat releases the first and demonic music video of her career!

"Heavy, aggressive, with very melodic vocal lines and double pedals almost in its entirety. Maybe it's the most Death Metal composition we've done so far", commented Tiago Carteano (drums).
About the lyrics of "Speaking Of The Devil", Malu Sales commented that "the inspiration came during a chat with a friend about another person that the two knew, but coincidentally during the conversation the person in question appeared just in time, appearing the famous catchphrase 'speaking of the devil (he appears)', disconcerting them both immediately (laughs)."
Basically, the theme of the track was built through self-criticism about how much human beings have the hypocritical habit of criticizing others doing the same things they criticize, creating a projection of their own flaws. "The lyrics are really an exercise to see yourself through others, mainly without hypocrisy", commented Malu.
Following the visual identity and theme addressed, vocalist Malu Sales - in addition to her extremely aggressive voice - further brightened the band's precise and extremely heavy execution, bringing to the music video the same demonic makeup stamped on the cover art of "Speaking Of The Devil".
"The proposal of this make-up goes beyond the representation of the duality of good and evil, where the horns represent what in our culture is understood as "evil", but we have the human part always subject to failures in evidence. The literal interpretation of lyrics say that the demon we see in others may just be a reflection of what we are too", concluded the vocalist.
Soon, the band is preparing the release of the newest single "Poison", which for those who have been following the quintet's recent shows already know what to expect, and in the sequence they will work for the dreamed debut EP.SOPHIE'S THREAT, a Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band from São Paulo, has released their first official music video of their career. This follows the chaotic single "Infernal Manipulation" and the heavy and conceptual "Suicidal God" - based on the story of American schizophrenic Joseph Kallinger - and the most recent and most Death Metal single "Speaking Of The Devil", a self-criticism of the human being and their hypocrisies.

Recorded at Oversonic Studio (@oversonicstudio)
Video edited by Tiago Carteano (@tdrummerofficial)
Audio produced, mixed and mastered by Michel Villares (
Makeup by Malu Sales (@xmaxlu)

The great acceptance and the expressive numbers of auditions of the most recent and brutal single "Speaking Of The Devil" in all streaming platforms were the main motivation for Malu Sales (vocals), Tiago Carteano (drums), Ricardo Oliveira and Marcão (guitars), and Paulo R. "Satan" (bass) to capture images of the band in action at the Estúdio Oversonic, in São Paulo.

Viewers can now watch the official video for "Speaking Of The Devil" on all streaming platforms.


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Pics by Michel Villares
Cover art by Tiago Carteano

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