Amazing interview with a great singer Grace De Gier

● Why Rock pop and not another genre
Because it's what I'm really passionate about and I even have a single, dance (You know) .
Because I like dance too but my thing is Rock, I've had 2 very interesting offers from record
labels but they are for Urban genres or genres that don't really interest me. So I've said, no,
I'm not looking for fame and money. I'm just looking for people to enjoy my music.
● Tell us about your M├íra award, how was the nomination?
They found me through a video (and now) that was shown on Colombian TV so they sent
me a message on instagram, when I saw that they congratulated me for my nomination, I
thought which nomination which award? They asked for my number and called me that
same afternoon (I was visiting my brother in Switzerland) and it was a big surprise, they told
me that I was nominated in the Pop Rock singer of the year category. They really liked my
music and it was great to hear. It means I am going in the good direction
● Plans for this year 2023
We are working with my team in Colombia and Mexico to make a tour in the summer, also to
attend some festivals everything is a management. Also in the Netherlands and UK we are
scheduling some shows. This with my Colombian band. The promoters when they saw the
live shows really liked them a lot.
● We have seen that The Cranberries, The Cure and The Killers are some of your
favorite bands as well as the ones you use as influences, what do each of them
mean to you?
The Cranberries. It brings back a lot of nostalgia and memories of my adolescence I loved
singing their songs in my hometown in Colombia. I always liked and grew up with them.
Another one of my favorite bands is Guns N Roses even though I don't have many
influences from them since it's more hard Rock but it's still in my top list.
The Cure. I have always loved The Cure. I always liked the emotions that each song gave
me, each track had something enigmatic about it and that influence has always seemed
unique to me.
The Killers have become my favorite band it's really like going to a buffet of your favorite
food and you will like everything you find. I like their lyrics, their feeling and their rhythms. I
had the pleasure of having guitar lessons with Ted Sablay guitarist of The Killers and it was
really a great experience. For now it's my #1 band.
● How is managing music and family we know you have 2 children and a husband.
How do you manage that balance
Fortunately I have a wonderful man who supports me since the beginning of this great
passion, I don't like to say that it is my dream because you end up waking up from a dream,
you know? But he is very proud and happy to see these great steps. My children enjoy my
music. The most important thing is the love that unites us and that we remain united. So the
time at home I am a mother and a wife and the time on stage I am Grace de Gier.
● What is your goal in music?
More than awards rather than luxuries, my big goal is to see a lot of people singing my
songs. To fill concerts and touch hearts and emotions I think that would be really exciting.
One of your songs made it to the top of a London radio station How was that experience for
an independent artist?
That's right, we're talking about "And Now" It was really something very special. I sent the
song but I didn't expect it to make it to the top, I understood that they didn't accept it in
another language and so far I only had it in Spanish, so I sent my 3 songs and they chose
"and now" They called me we talked about 40 minutes and they told me that the song was in
the #2 position for 3 weeks. Maybe next time we will get to #1.
● The music business is not easy for an independent artist. But searching for
information about you on Google we get a lot of information about you. Do you think
that nowadays it is possible to grow in music as an independent?
It's not impossible. But it's not easy either. It's a very difficult business and I will honestly say
that the people who have the power are usually very difficult to access and it's
understandable. Imagine a president of a recognized record label that thousands of artists
want to approach daily or a recognized manager. It is logical that they are not going to
receive an email from an independent musician for being (good people) is a difficult career of
much willingness and dedication. Likewise perseverance you will have many falls and you
will have to learn to get up and many times alone.
● Tell us about your videos, we understand that your husband produces them. They
really make a great team, they are very good produced
That's right. In most of my videos I count with the participation of family members. My mother
"No estas" "and now" . Also with my brother Tell me and now and my other sisters, it is worth
mentioning that my older sister Ludyng is now my personal manager who is doing a great
job. And my husband Rolf is a great director and editor. We really enjoy making these videos
and with the people who have acted in each of them. So each one is a story and they are
very entertaining.
● Speaking of family, which is great to know that they support you. That's not the case
for many musicians, what musical environment did you grow up with?
My mother always loved Rock as well as my father loved Santana and Latin music, my
brother was more into dance music, house and Latin music, he also worked and still does as
a dj. My older sister was more into hip hop, I was more into Rock and my little sister into a
little bit of everything! So in my house we listened to everything, but I think that on my side
Rock was more predominant because of my mother and I must say that thanks to her and
her impulse and her words was that I returned to this great world of music.
● Why go to a Grace de Gier show and why listen to your music?
Going to my concerts is not like going to an opera concert. Don't go just to hear my voice,
you go to see a complete show and performance, I like to get into my songs and give a
performance. With my band of Colombian musicians we have a wonderful connection and
we show that on stage. It's not about seeing an artist, it's about seeing a show. And that's
what we like to do, we can give the same concert for 50 people and give it all for 50,000.
My music has no preference of age, sex or race, just let yourself go and enjoy what you feel.

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