Nightwish's Floor Jansen diagnosed with cancer

Nightwish singer Floor Jansen has revealed that she is fighting breast cancer.

In a statement on social media, Jansen said she was diagnosed with cancer two weeks ago and will undergo surgery to remove the tumour on Thursday (Oct. 27).

Jansen told her followers that her "prognosis is very good" and that she still hopes to take part in Nightwish's European tour, which begins Nov. 20 in Antwerp and also visits London, Birmingham and Dublin.

Floor Jansen's statement reads as follows: "A letter to you,

"Life comes in waves, with ups and downs.

"I have had the pleasure of experiencing many highs, and I have shared them with you through social media and the many, many shows around the world during the many years of my career.

"But now a new wave has hit me. Not a good one. I have breast cancer. I was diagnosed a little over 2 weeks ago and I am having surgery tomorrow to remove the tumour. My prognosis is very good!!! It appears to be a non aggressive cancer that does not appear to have spread. I will keep my breast. And I will be cancer free after this surgery, plus local radiation treatment hopefully three months after this surgery. We will know more after the surgery to see if this positive prognosis holds.

"The word cancer is a shocker. Everything that was important in one's life before this diagnosis changes radically in a matter of minutes. Now I just want to be healthy again. I want to see my daughter grow into a woman; I want to live! And the scariest thing about this diagnosis is that I thought I was healthy! I did not feel the cancer, I did not know it was there until I went for a standard mammogram exam as a woman over 40. This is offered in many countries, in some even free of charge.

"If I had not gone there, the tumour would have gone undetected. In a year, it could have grown much larger. Thinking about it prompts me to share this story with you. A mammogram is lifesaving! It is uncomfortable, and you may think you have nothing in your breasts anyway, but GO! And for the men reading this: Remind your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister to get checked out. Even without the luxury I experience as a western woman with the free mammogram exams: GO! Fortunately, there are many organisations that offer information on self-diagnosis if you do not have access to or can not afford a mammogram.
"If I can inspire you to take good care of yourself, then something good will come from this cancer diagnosis.

"If everything goes according to plan, I will be fit again in time for the European tour with Nightwish, which starts on November 20! And I am optimistic because my prognosis is good! I promise to take good care of myself.

"Thank you for reading this letter."
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