Female Fronted Symphonic Metal Band After Evolution Sign With Wormholedeath

"We have come to earth from far away to tell you the story about our world and how we were born in this world. Each of us was reborn in a different year, at a different time, under a different star, moon and sun, to connect our destinies.
We are the storytellers, ancestors, wanderers of the universe and time, the artists who carry the bond between the melodies of darkness and light, death and life, hope and despair, and fire and ice ...
We are the After Evolution.
The path of coming together was not easy. It all began one day when Nikolette met Michael. They knew that their meeting meant much more, but to reveal the whole truth, they had to find the other two reborn. It was 2013 when Nikolette and Michael began to gather the scraps of memories before the great rebirth. Piece by piece and part by part of each memory was pieced together into melody and poetry. Nikolette and Michael met many lost souls, but none of them was that of the reborn. So after some time they simply went their own way of life.

When the year 2016 dawned, Michael and Nikolette decided to reveal part of their threnodies to the world. People loved their melodies accompanied by ancient stories from the other world, so they continued to write more and more of their story. At the end of the same year, Nikolette and Michael found the third reborn named Adam, and so they continued their journey side by side. The melodies of the past spread very quickly, so many great and famous collectors of great ancient stories, art and melodies wanted to support the After Evolution on their way and spread their stories all over the world. So Nikolette, Michael and Adam agreed with another lost soul and decided to travel to the great Italy to imprint their story, associated with dark melodies and ancient power, forever in the memory of the world.
It was the year 2018, the hot summer days, when After Evolution finished the great revelation of the truth and with the last drop of ink on the paper completed the last note in the great part of their history and their past. Unfortunately, the lost soul was not ready for the journey of After Evolution, so she left the path when she saw it and went her own way. The path became really complicated. But they did not give up and continued their way, even if it was full of thorns and pain. They followed their destiny.

On their journey to immortalise their story in melodies for the eternity of the world, they met a brave traveller named Ilya who helped them finish the rest of their journey and fight the monsters on the way. At the end of the road, he went his own way and After Evolution set out to find the last lost reborn. The missing piece of After Evolution.
Later in 2018, the fourth lost reborn, Vitek, was found and continued his journey along with the rest of the reborn, After Evolution and their destiny. They were able to connect all the fragments of their memories and finish the story of the old world they came from. They found out who they really are and what their true abilities are.

Over time, there were many thieves of the ancient arts who wanted to steal some of their magic and treasures, but it never came to that, things just got a little more complicated in protecting their secrets. After evolution finished its whole history, they collected all the scraps of memory and connected them with their ancient power. The whole creation was so exhausting for them that After Evolution went into a deep rest and recovery period to regain energy and gather all the power and inspiration again. When the dark times were gone, After Evolution were ready with clear mind and full of energy to accept their destiny and share their story with the world and spread the magical melodies again.
With the year 2022, they shared with the world the story about the great war from the old world and the songs of the war of the worlds that floated through the world.

Line up:
Nikolette Olsson : Singer, Composer, Piano
Michal Matzner : Guitars
Adam Bittó : Bass
Vic Janas : Drums


1) War Of The Worlds
2) The Path
3) Cursed
4) Liber Fortitudinis / The Book Of Destiny
5) Once Upon A Time
6) The Final Hope
7) In The Chains
8) Dark Side
9) Infinity Flames
10) Nothing Left But Pain
11) The Victory

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