Arch Enemy: The guitarist says international formation is a bad idea.

The band Arch Enemy has members from three different countries. Guitarist/leader/founder Michael Amott, bassist Sharlee D'Angelo and drummer Daniel Erlandsson are Swedish, while singer Alissa White-Gluz is Canadian and guitarist Jeff Loomis is American. The formation of the band was one of the topics addressed by Michael Amott in the podcast presented by Full Metal Jackie, excerpts of which were transcribed and published by the website Noisecreep.

According to the founder of the group, it's recently become a problem that the members live in different parts of the world. Due to the pandemic, members stayed in their homes for a long time, which didn't make Michael Amott very happy.

"[The pandemic] certainly proved that an international background, with everyone living in different corners of the world, is the worst idea ever. It made a normal way of working almost impossible, but we managed, and Alissa came to Europe to do his vocals, but it was much more complicated and expensive.

We were in quarantine. We took all the steps and it was a lot more complicated and there was a lot more paperwork and things like that, but we made it. She was in Europe singing with our producer and the only member who couldn't come was Jeff Loomis. He wanted to come, we'd everything booked, and he tried to get a flight, but [his boarding] was denied. That was a nightmare and gave us a headache. We ended up asking him to record his solos in the studio in Seattle, and we were FaceTiming and stuff.

It wasn't without its challenges, but that's what everyone goes through as a band these years when you're trying to make an album. I don't really want to complain about the pandemic, because I think a lot of people have been through a lot worse than me or us," says the guitarist.

Despite all the difficulties and disagreements, Arch Enemy managed to record their new album. Titled "Deceivers", the follow-up to "Will To Power" (2017) will be released on July 29.
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