COBRA SPELL - Vocalist Alexx Panza is out


COBRA SPELL announces the separation of singer Alexx Panza.

COBRA SPELL and Panza (middle photo) made this decision because the singer cannot give full attention to the band due to other commitments. The official statement says:

“It is with a heavy heart that we would like to announce that Alexx Panza and COBRA SPELL are going their separate ways. Fantastic boyfriend and we love him so much He was there from the start. Since COBRA SPELL has been the number one priority for most of the band for quite some time and Alexx can't meet the band's current demands, it's for the best Thank you Alexx for being a part of both our "Love Venom" and "Anthems Of" EPs The Night" and being a falsetto singing maniac who made the best vocal melodies!"

Alexx adds: "Unfortunately, due to force majeure, I can't keep singing in COBRA SPELL. I can't ignore the fact that I only sing in two other bands a day, it doesn't give me the time a band like COBRA SPELL would deserve. with a busy schedule. I invite you to follow me in my other band JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR and my main band HITTEN."

Alexx will play his final show with COBRA SPELL on July 27 at Headbangers Open Air.
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